Pictures. Books. Something about me or how you get into picture books.

Dear children, dear parents, dear friends of picture books,

I used to be a great bookworm as a child. I loved spending time in a library choosing books. I looked up to the local librarian with admiration as I was convinced that she had understanding of everything. To become a librarian used to by my big dream. Although this dream did not come true and I studied a different area, the passion for books has never left me.

When my children were young, once again picture books reappeared in my life. And along with them the wish to write stories for chlidren. With the incessant motivation from my children the first story of Blubi and Bella The Dragons came into being.
Rainbow with a bite. The text was finished and my idea of what the illustrations should look like was clear. However, I was not able to paint the pictures myself. I had to look for an illustrator.

And ”seek and ye shall find“...Carsten Mell was my choice to illustrate Blubi and Bella.
Carsten Mell is an excellent German illustrator and cartoonist. I believe that thanks to our collaboration we will be able to introduce more and more adventures of the little dragons to you. I wish you a lot of fun with Blubi and Bella.


Andrea Banasinski

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Carsten Mell was born in 1974 and has turn his passion for illustrating into a career over the past 21 years. He has illustrated numerous children's books, designed mascots, and designed comics.

He currently resides with his wife and two children near of the city of Cologne. His most honest critic is his daughter, who constantly motivates him to remember: Any character designed for children should also work the same way for adults...only better.